Year 1988 was the beginning of our family business. Gas boilers for central heating were the first product of our company. In 1991 the company Trimet Sp. Jawna in Ornontowice (near Gliwice) was founded; this company started manufacturing elements of supports for Polish and German mining industry. The company was developing fast and it was continuously expanding its business, hence the following new companies were founded: Eurometal S.A. (Gliwice), Eurometal GmbH (Hamm, Germany), Kalmet Sp. z o.o., Kalmet Trans Sp. z o.o. and Metal Holding (KSSE Gliwice). In May 2011 Eurometal S.A. and Kalmet Sp. z o.o. merged and Kalmet S.A. was created.

September 2012 brought further changes – merger of Kalmet-Trans Sp. z o.o. with Kalmet S.A.
Currently Kalmet S.A. is a family company with entirely Polish capital. The company is continuously developing acquiring customers in the whole Europe. Qualified staff of 200 people using their skills, state-of-the-art technology, logistic and special solutions, machines and equipment, offers professional service to the customers – staring from manufacturing, to distribution and transport.