Transformer tanks

Our company’s new product is a tank acting as a transformer core’s enclosure. It is used in the power and railway sector.

Our company can produce various types of tanks according to specific customer requirements up to 20 tonnes.

The transformer tub structure embraces the main tank and a number of accessories. Kalmet produces external enclosures, boxes for electric subassemblies and tanks, and all such parts are subject to the SA 2.5 shot blasting process and coated with the final paint coat with required properties.

The manufacturing technology is fulfilling all international standards. A product is subject to on-going inspection during the manufacturing process. A finished product is thoroughly inspected and tested for the leak-tightness of welds with penetration test as the welding process is the most difficult stage of manufacturing influencing its quality.

Highly specialised staff of the steel structures department handles many more responsible projects apart from transformer tubs, in particular sill pieces for mining supports and belt conveyor flights.